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2 year old and possessiveness

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BarryTheKestrel Sat 27-May-17 09:46:31

In the past 2 weeks my 2 year old DD has become incredibly possessive, everything in reach, even if it clearly belongs to someone else (such as my jacket or shoes) is snatched up with a shout of 'mine' and if you try and liberate the object (ie to put my shoes on) she will scream and hit out.

We have recently been on holiday with friends and their DD who is 7 months younger and I believe DD felt a bit threatened during this time as whilst she spends a lot of time with other children they are all older than her (ranging from a month older to 10 years older). During this time she would push the other child over or barge into her if she came near her, so whilst we generally all together we did try to keep the children a bit separate due to the issues.

She's also taken to hitting the wall, floor, whoever is closest when she is asked to not do something.

How do I get her out of this possessive and aggressive phase? Currently I'm at a loss.

Katastrophe13 Sat 27-May-17 15:08:58

The possessiveness thing is just typical 2 year old behaviour. Not much you can do but encourage sharing, and reward when she does it. When it's something like your shoes say 'no mummy's shoes, these are dd's shoes' and ignore any tantrums and try and distract. They have limited understanding at this age, so makes it difficult, but don't worry, she will grow out of it. Same with the aggression, say no firmly when she does something, move her away and distract. If you make too much of a big deal out of it, they do it more as enjoy the attention (even when it's bad attention) and lots of praise for good behaviour. It's hardgoing but you will come out the other side! I have a two year old who apparently owns all contents in our house Btw grin

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