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Potty training - day one starts tomorrow

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kitkat321 Fri 26-May-17 20:41:16

Dd is 2.5 and comfortable using the toilet (she has her own Minnie Mouse seat).

I've been putting it off for a bit - I can always seem to find a reason but her nursery also suggested she was showing signs of being ready so making the most of the long weekend to try and see how she goes.

I know there are different methods but planning to just take the nappies away and switch to pants - the nice weather means that she won't get a chill if she does have an accident and I can just put her in wee dresses:

Started when she came home from nursery tonight and she did a poo in the toilet then shortly afterwards peed in the garden announcing as she did it.

I know a lot of people stay home for the first few days - one friend has advised against this suggesting that a long as trips are short and there are always toilets nearby not to be housebound- anyone else did it like this?

Also, I'm mindful she's still quite young so wondered how long to give her to get the hang of it - I'm relaxed about it and don't want to force it if she's not ready but don't want to give up too early!

justkeepswimmingg Sat 27-May-17 10:19:05

I also have a 2.5 year old, and planning to start in the next week. He has been using the potty since he was 1 though, for the odd wee, but it has increased to several wee's a day and a poo.
I have worked with young children potty training, and children learn in different ways. It's best to just go for it, and try different techniques if the one you've choose is not working for her. A quick google can show you different methods.
I will be keeping my DS in for the first few days, nappy and pants free, and once I am confident that he can hold it and is having minimal accidents I will then start using pants. I just think that's what will work best with us. I am very nervous to start leaving the house with him after that though!
If your DD is ready, she will breeze through it all OP. It's also advised not to disrupt your DDs routine too much, as not to cause stress that could affect the potty training. Oh and good luck!

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