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How many nursing sessions at 7months?

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susannaR Fri 26-May-17 17:00:29

I know there is no right answer to this as all babies are different and depends on supply/nursing efficiency/food intake etc etc but just wanting a rough idea if what I am doing is remotely on the right lines?!!

DS is nearly 7months and was EBF until about 4weeks ago when I started weaning. Prior to this he would feed about 5 times daily and 2-3 overnight.

Since weaning he now hardly feeds
at all in the day and only prior to nap!
Think a combination of being distracted and presumably not as hungry now he's eating (which i guess is the whole point??!)
So today he has fed at 6am wake
9am nap
2pm nap
Refused all other offerings and these nursing sessions were 1 side only and basically just to fall asleep (I kno I need to stop that too 🙈😣) so it feels that very little milk intake??
He will feed again at bed and then 2 times overnight (which again he probably needs to stop doesn't he?!)

He has porridge for breakfast and 1 pouch split between lunch and tea. Maybe a few rice cakes/chopped fruit to chew on as snacks throughout the day plus water in sippy cup.
Does this sound ok or do u think I need to top up the milk intake with some formula??

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