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Breastfed 3.5 mth old DD won't take a bottle

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imisschocolate Fri 26-May-17 15:33:40

We have tried about 8 different bottles at different times of day and at different temperatures but she is just not interested.

We are looking to try her on a sippy cup at 4 mths. Has anyone done this?

susannaR Fri 26-May-17 16:47:50

I was in this boat too! DS at 5 months finally took a bottle?! It was a 'dream feed' the first time (as suggested by somebody here 😘) and it seemed to do the trick...he was so sleepy he just started sucking and somehow after a week or 2 he took 1 at bedtime too?!
So I would keep pointless as it feels because it eventually worked for me!
I introduced sippy cup at 4months too but tbh it was just me holding it/tipping it up and luck whether he swallowed any or not 😂 He's nearly 7months now and can hold both handles and 'aim' for his mouth but still needs a lot of assistance and would be an unreliable way of ensuring his daily milk intake.
Good luck x

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