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How much Screen time is ok?

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toplizzy Wed 24-May-17 21:31:01

I have a DD aged 9 and a DS 12. How much screen time is ok and what times of day, (holidays are coming), I do specify no screens after 7 pm! Any one found a regime that work

Iloveanimals Wed 24-May-17 22:22:42

Well, firstly I would say it matters on what kind of things are on the screen. For example if a child is playing a game with lots of flashing lights and racing it is advised that they come away quicker than a child watching a more gentle/calmer video.
Also, we must remember screens can also be a great source of learning and information for our kids. Mine is homeschooled and we sometimes use a computer curriculum, which can mean up to 1 hr on the screen at a time.
Most important I think is regular breaks, fresh air and other forms of interaction, such as board games or playing outside. I guess it's more of a worry if a child is on screens 3-4 hours at a time without a break, than 3-4 hours throughout the day.
Sorry if this doesn't help much.

Kiwiinkits Mon 29-May-17 09:38:56

Get them to set their own timers on the device; no more than an hour at a time. Not before school; not before homework is done.

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