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Absolutely at the end of my tether!!

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LeahEssel Wed 24-May-17 18:10:09

Please can someone give me some advice with how to deal my 11 year old and his bad attitite and bullying siblings.
Every single day and I'm really about to lose my temper. I actually had to stop myself physically hurting him a few moments ago and he's in room for his own safety whilst I calm myself down.

The only time he acts like a decent human being is when he wants something. As soon as he gets what he wants he's back to his horrible behaviour. Hitting his younger brothers, threatening, swearing. Giving me bad attitude because I didn't wash his joggers (that were under HIS bed)
He just threw a cup of juice across my kitchen.

Any advice appreciated.

bramblina Thu 25-May-17 09:52:48

Oh dear sad I came on here looking for advice on what to do about the way my 11yo ds speaks to his sister and found your thread....

My ds isn't violent but is disrespectful. Handing her a napkin at dinner last night he flung it across the table. I told him to do it again so he put a smarmy face on and waived it at her. I told him try a 3rd time like a normal person which he did but that's the constant battle. If she's in his way there would be no "excuse me" but he'd just barge past but he'd use his manners with anyone else.

Then I, like you, end up shouting out of frustration but that's not much better as an adult. I get so frustrated and I don't know how to deal with it.

I'm sorry to be of no use. Just sympathy.

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