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Weaning a 4 month old

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momoh Wed 24-May-17 14:53:54

I just want to know other parents' experiences and advice. My little one has just turned 17 weeks, so just over 4 months. I'm not weaning him onto solids until he is 6 months. But I've bought him a small drinking cup and was wondering if I'm ok to wean him on water just so he gets used to the cup in time for solids. What's your advice? Is it a good idea or bad?

Also, when weaning on solids, what kinds of food were you able to feed them? I'm planning on making food at home for him to eat; no food jars. So some recipes would be good to share.

MrsBadger Wed 24-May-17 15:02:38

Not a lot of point starting with a cup yet imo, he can't sit up or hold it by himself. Milk should be his main source of nutrition till he's 1 so you've got ages till he need drink water by himself.

Once they're 6m they're really good at picking up finger food and feeding themselves, so cooked veg sticks, toast fingers etc are all fine. Just remember, nothing with added sugar or salt to start with, no honey and no chokey things like nuts. Have fun!

beccii161016 Wed 24-May-17 17:49:02

You'll probably find that he won't be able to hold it by himself yet. My DS is 7 months and can hold it but still can only rip it up so far.
Also, he probably won't like the water for a while as basically, it's not milk!
Don't worry about not giving enough water when you're weaning. They will get plenty of hydration from their milk. We actually give DS water from a cup and hold it for him as he sips because that's how he likes to have it!
Water will work the same way as food, they don't like it at first but get used to it!

Nottalotta Wed 24-May-17 19:58:11

No need to give water yet. I started it at 6 months with meals, just for practice.

I did baby lead weaning, so finger food. Cooked veg, fruit etc.

If you want to spoon feed you can puree cooked veg and fruit, and things you eat yourself. Don't add any salt.

There are plenty of books available, worth getting one if you're unsure.

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