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Night time grunting and straining

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MrsG2017 Tue 16-May-17 12:42:58

Why is it that my 5 week old is a beautifully quiet sleeper in the day not troubled by wind. But at night when in our room he is the noisiest snuffling hedgehog on the planet?

Grunting, straining, choking you name the noise he makes it but only from 11pm to 8am --- strange?

Mummy247D Tue 16-May-17 15:54:06

Could be a build up of the day? Or reflux? My son suffered terrible at night and the noises would worry me so much! It soon calms down though smile

throughgrittedteeth Wed 17-May-17 03:41:43

My 3 week old DS is the same! He's my second though so i knew to expect noises. Also he has colic and reflux so any noise that isn't crying is actually quite nice grin
For the wind I've been using infacol before every feed, it does seem to help a little.

affectionincoldclimate Wed 17-May-17 04:43:09

Same here. My 6 week old became a noisy sleeper and plagued by wind at night. She'll still go to sleep but it takes two gos and she's straining grunting and rolling a lot. She's feeding a lot more and I think it's got something to do with the growth spurt which will pass in week or so. I BF at night so I try not to switch boobs too quickly now as the foremilk can make baby gassy so I leave her on one boob if necessary for longer so that she gets the richer hindmilk - it means she has to work a little harder though so I just encourage her to stay on one boob with stroking and words of encouragement 😉. Also, swaddle works as it keeps her from rolling and waking herself up when grunting and throwing her arms around.

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