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Normal? 6mo not really rolling, absolutely hates tummy time, can't sit, can't reach feet...

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parentsvsPIL Tue 16-May-17 05:07:20

Is this normal for a tall, heavy baby? He's 99th centile for length and weight.

He has always screamed and mashed his face into the floor when placed on his tummy - won't do anything else - so now has little core or arm strength and gets very frustrated when he can't get to things. He has no real interest in his feet and can't reach them (seems very unflexible). He's rolled of his own accord a handful of times, starting months ago, but generally won't do it.

He is happy (if wobbly) standing up with both hands held, and holds his head up fine. He's interested in things, likes music, likes putting stuff in his mouth. Very smiley & interactive with people who smile at him. Can hear (likes music, recognises tunes), and can see (have had vision checked).

All the other kids at baby group are 50th centile or below, and they are all close to crawling - have been rolling, rocking back & forth on knees, etc for ages. DS just lies on the floor and cries until I pick him up & let him stand up to look at the others. sad

Is this normal?

(oh, he's also a terrible sleeper...)

HumpHumpWhale Tue 16-May-17 05:10:27

Sounds totally normal. Neither of mine were happy with tummy time at that age but fine shortly after. Sitting around 6.5 months, crawling 8.5. But later would be normal too. The only thing that sounds unusual is not being v flexible but I really don't know. Can you ask your health visitor or GP?

Dothbutternoparsnips Tue 16-May-17 05:37:28

My 14 month still hasn't rolled. I think she could she just can't be bothered. Started sitting about 10 months. At 6 months just lay there.

It was brilliant in hindsight.

parentsvsPIL Tue 16-May-17 06:25:41

phew. Other mothers at baby group look at me pityingly & suggest I take him to the doctor. I thought they were all a bit wrong in their expectations, but they had me second-gessing myself.

That said, he's unlikely to sit by 6.5 mo. No core strength & no inclination to acquire any. Paed did check his truncal muscle tone & said it was fine. So I guess he's just more interested in other things...

GoBigOrange Thu 18-May-17 23:22:14

It might well be the extra weight and height making it a bit harder for him, as all the lighter babies I have known have been speedier to crawl than the heftier ones. Though of course that is just anecdote.

I have a son and a nephew born just 48 hours apart. Son 5 inches taller and 5lb heavier than nephew at birth.

Nephew was rolling at 4 months, sitting at 5 months, crawling at 6 months, pulling up at 8 months and walked at a year.

My son always hated tummy time (just laid there bonking his big fat head on the floor and howling) couldn't push up, roll or sit up and was still floundering around on the floor like a beached whale as my nephew cruised by clutching the sofa!

He got there very fast in the end though and took his first steps on his first birthday, having only mastered sitting himself up and crawling about six weeks earlier.

The only thing that would remotely concern me with your son is the inability/lack of desire to grab his feet. Other than that he sounds like a totally ordinary 6 month old to me.

parentsvsPIL Fri 19-May-17 00:23:38

Thanks, you have all made me feel better.

DS has been showing some interest in his toes in the past week (dressed them up in bright socks). But he is generally unable to sit in the froggy position, so can't use a proper sling - legs don't turn out enough. This may have led to short hamstrings... lots of row row row your boat required, I think!

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