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My 2year old...

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Max32 Mon 15-May-17 12:43:25

hi, I'm new to this but could do with some advice it's a long 1 ill try to keep it short...basically I have a severely disabled 6year old with drawer syndrome adhd and autism. He was diagnosed early with seizures and all was known. However I now have a 5 and a 2year old after and while my 5 year old is very confident strong but soft living and developing well my 2 year old isnt...he seems vacant at times he dosnt say any words just raises his arm for yea an nooo. He is very short tempered and can just hit for no reason, he's very clumsy messy and really makes life really hard because he seems to know slot and understands...but really enjoys misbehaving but dosnt seem to remember or understand why he's being told off at times. Finding him very difficult and just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of my parenting maybe or his mental health. I'm a very exhausted worn out 24hr only parent to him I'm with him every minute and he only goes to nursery 1 morning a week due to space. Any advice helpful x

Max32 Mon 15-May-17 12:57:55

dravet* not drawer!

naptimecaketime Mon 15-May-17 13:12:07

Sounds really difficult...I'm sure it's nothing to do with your parenting though. Your best bet is to contact your Health Visitor - has your 2yo had his 2 year check yet? It's with the Health Visitor and you get an opportunity to discuss any concerns, they will observe him etc.

Max32 Mon 15-May-17 14:03:30

yea they said no concerns but it would all know when you just have a feeling. I have 4 boys and although 1 of my eldest was difficult he was not this difficult it's becoming impossible. I try to hug him cuddle him talk to him, he just throws things at you. I'm in bed at 6 with the boys I'm that exhausted! x

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