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I have just had the following conversation with ds (19 months)

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Miaou Wed 14-Mar-07 14:38:05

Him: (holding a toy sheep in each hand)

Me: Oooh what have you got there, ds?

Him: Horse.

Me: No they are sheep. SHEEP.

Him: Eeep

Me: Sheep.

Him: Peep

Me: Sheep

Him: Peesh

Me: Sheep

Him: <<<sigh>>> Horse

AitchYouBerk Tue 20-Mar-07 00:17:13

i've already posted about how dd pointed at me in the bath and said 'teddy', which was a kick up the arse to get the immac out. recently, however, she's started doing her elephant impressions when she sees DH naked. i think he's flattered, the goon.

chipmonkey Tue 20-Mar-07 00:11:53

When my brother was little he was unable to make the "k" sound so as we walked along the road he used to say
"teep in, tar tummin' "

wrinklytum Tue 20-Mar-07 00:10:13

ds to me earlier

"mummy,when DD is bigger will she grow a willy?"

carol3 Mon 19-Mar-07 23:49:52

dd2 thinks its funny to call me by my first name instead of mummy but she can't do c's so calls me darol

nally Mon 19-Mar-07 23:48:30

ds calls spaghetti 'sucky pasta'

carol3 Mon 19-Mar-07 23:47:44

ds used to park kark for carpark

carol3 Mon 19-Mar-07 23:46:13

dd 3 cant say spaghetti and has now given up trying and calls it long pasta

nally Mon 19-Mar-07 23:40:58

ds (aged 3) spent some time looking at his uncle one day, then very slowly said "you have a very small brain". not sure why he said it or what made him think so, but we all fell about laughing

Marina Mon 19-Mar-07 23:36:16

Dd says pasketti too (she's 3)
I love these endless toddler brain-frying exchanges. Dd is just growing out of them and this smashing thread reminds me of how much I'll miss them .
We are now in the world of the imaginary friend though. Dd's is called "Eh".

Clary Mon 19-Mar-07 23:24:22

podglet spaghetti is one of the harest words to say, apparently.

When Kirk Douglas was recovering from his stroke he found it really hard to master as his speech returned.

DS1 (7) still says "bisetti" or "sgetti"

podglet Mon 19-Mar-07 20:00:09

Am trying to read these out to DP and laughing too hard these are fab

DS is only 4 months so no contributions from him yet (but have made mental note to write them down as suggested)

My baby brother (now 22) used to say "hoogalan" and "psgetty" - hooligan and spaghetti. He also used to ask to go to the "early wurly centre" when we went into town...

RubyRioja Mon 19-Mar-07 19:49:31

Q proud of dd3 today. We all piled in the car then up piped a little voice. 'You got seatbelts on?'. She is 22 m!

kitbit Mon 19-Mar-07 19:38:59

we just had i-keem with stawbees and spikkles on for pudding (I'm sure I don't need to translate, but just in case it was ice cream with strawberries and sprinkles on top!)

staceym11 Mon 19-Mar-07 16:44:44

we have the whole

its a pigeon
no chicken mummy
no its a pigeon
ok ok a chicken
nice pigeon!

what is all that about??!?!

dd last xmas called decorations deckyraisins, which is so cute, but now she can say decoration!

wotzsaname Mon 19-Mar-07 16:07:14


'try and use the right worms!' that's what I say when dds get toungue tied!

Iklboo Mon 19-Mar-07 16:00:02

Nephew (now 8) used to call flapjacks "japs flaps"

Cocobabe Mon 19-Mar-07 15:56:33

thirdwisemonkey- lol ! yr thread gave me a big cheer !

3andnomore Mon 19-Mar-07 15:04:18 ms is asking just now, why I am!

thethirdwisemonkey Mon 19-Mar-07 14:53:37

my ds is 22 months, I took him to the park last week and we were walking along the side of the pond with grandma. He got v.excited when he saw the ducks and started shouting Awwww fucks, quack quack, fucks, quack quack

Clary Mon 19-Mar-07 11:14:08

Oh these are lovely.

Agree you should write them down. Still treasure first conversation with DS1, almost 2 but not a great talker then:

DS1: Mummy
Me: yes DS, what is it?
DS1: Bye
Me: Oh yes DS, are you going out?
DS: Yes
Me: OK then sweetheart, bye bye, see you later.

It just makes me laugh because my input is so much greater than his one-word efforts! but that's how we learn isn't it.

Kateaw Sat 17-Mar-07 20:06:39

DD (two and a half) says Ephelant instead of Elephant. It's so sweet.

My husband's family still use "lilished" - finished, "eggys" - eggs and "nin nans" - bananas. The youngest child is pushing 27!

MiaWallace Sat 17-Mar-07 15:49:16

Twiglett your dd sounds fab

Twiglett Sat 17-Mar-07 09:26:08

DD is my doppleganger .. she's approaching 3


I have been teaching her the 'pardon me for being so rude, it was not me it was her food, it came up high to say hello, and now its gone back down below' rhyme

Last week .. after sunday lunch DD pretended to burp and said

"Pardon me for being so rude, it was not me
It was Daddy's Fault"

ROFL .. that's my girl

Catbabymummy Sat 17-Mar-07 09:22:24

Sorry meant my frien'd dd!!! Typing with my thumbs again

Catbabymummy Sat 17-Mar-07 09:20:50

One of my brothers used to say lellow instead of yellow until he was about 7. It was soooo cute! We still wind him up about it now (he's nearly 27!).
Another cute thing dss used to do was say "Uv" which mean "I love you".
My friend's little dss overheard her mum using saying sh!t after she'd dropped a tin of beans on the floor, can you guess what happened next?

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