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I have just had the following conversation with ds (19 months)

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Miaou Wed 14-Mar-07 14:38:05

Him: (holding a toy sheep in each hand)

Me: Oooh what have you got there, ds?

Him: Horse.

Me: No they are sheep. SHEEP.

Him: Eeep

Me: Sheep.

Him: Peep

Me: Sheep

Him: Peesh

Me: Sheep

Him: <<<sigh>>> Horse

daisyhun Wed 04-Apr-07 10:57:46

My neice calls nipples "buttons"

We also had "maffis" for "massive"

"hopstable" for "hospital"

"peem" for "cream"

and my nephew makes everyone put their hands on the side of their heads and pretend to be reindeer with their "hanklers" (antlers)

my favourite was my neice exclaiming, when she saw a picture in a book I was reading her, that she could see "squirrets" (squirrels). We all call them squirrets now which surely can't help her learn the real word for them!

KathyMCMLXXII Wed 04-Apr-07 09:26:13

DD thinks my nipples are tummy buttons (something to do with where they are atm I suppose ) and my ear lobes are nipples - she is always pointing to them in public and shouting 'Mummy nipple!'

midnightexpress Wed 04-Apr-07 09:16:39

DS1 (nearly 17mo) currently obsessed with all things vehicular. I was getting bored with 'a BAH!' every time he saw a bus so tried to teach him 'double decker' to add a bit of variety. We now get 'a BAH! Dubbadah!'.

Jonut Wed 04-Apr-07 00:08:50

I speak quite quickly and my daughter heard me say to my mum that I wanted to go to the Early Learning Centre and asked me "Where's the Nur Nur Nur Nur Centre mum?" !!

feetheart Thu 22-Mar-07 23:02:59

Thankfully no problems with ducks at all

boo64 Thu 22-Mar-07 23:01:34

I just have visions of you at the duck pond and her saying 'Look mummy what is that f* doing'

boo64 Thu 22-Mar-07 23:00:41

ooh but did she use f's when saying duck and chuck that would have raised eyebrows in public.

feetheart Thu 22-Mar-07 22:59:49

Actually my MN name come from that time too as she used to call her new baby brother 'my little feetheart'

feetheart Thu 22-Mar-07 22:58:12

DD had a real thing about 'f's' when she was 2. We had:
Fractor - tractor
feeties - sweeties
frain- friver - train driver
and many more but my absolute favourite will always be - freepy-frawlies

losty Thu 22-Mar-07 22:45:01

pmsl boo !!!!!!!!!!

boo64 Thu 22-Mar-07 22:38:25

Ok conversation with ds (20 months) today:
(Ds looking at Des O'Connor on Countdown) 'Daddy there'
Me: No ds that's not daddy that's Des O Connor'
DS: 'Daddy there, there daddy there' - pointing at Des

Dh should be worried about this resemblance I think...

LowFatMilkshake Thu 22-Mar-07 22:23:25

carol3, I used to say parkark and barruhb.

When DD was about 2 if it was raining she would say it was minging

And we are a sci-fi household and she used to call Star Wars...Star whores

totallyfloaty35 Thu 22-Mar-07 22:19:26

my dd always washed her hams with soak then put on her glubs
Her best one was stickyfoot for certificate,its still called that now(7 yrs later)

losty Thu 22-Mar-07 22:10:45

my ds2 stll has a muyslin - he calls it hsi cow

LowFatMilkshake Thu 22-Mar-07 22:08:53

In chaging room today of shop looking for dress for party, DD(3) watching me in very loud voice:

DD: mummy why you taking off your jacket?

Me: I want to if this pretty dress fits me

watched me take of my top
DD: mummy take of your top for me

watched me take of my shoes and trousers
DD: take of your shoes, now take of your trousers for me.
Then silence as I took the dress of the hanger

DD: Mummy why you keeping your knickers on?

Glad it was women only chaging room!

iwearflairs Thu 22-Mar-07 21:55:47

DS (3) was very earnestly feeling his bottom today at bathtime and suddenly announced:

I've got a bottom button!

cane Thu 22-Mar-07 20:39:55

DD1 (2.9) trod on a tiny bit of broken glass in the kitchen and on seeing blood, asked why she had wine coming out of her foot

MAsMummy Thu 22-Mar-07 20:09:41

My 2.10 old has been going through the annoying stage of asking why all the time to the point where it is no longer a question but a test as to how long it can go on for before I snap! I have now come up with a solution which is that she now knows if she is just being silly I will answer "because there are pink elephants dancing in the garden" The other day however she flumexed (is that a word?) me with "why do I keep asking you Why Mummy" Does anyone have answer for that?

liath Wed 21-Mar-07 20:43:10

My sister has been really dilligent at teaching her ds to say please & thank you. I gave him some water the the other day and he said "Fuck you auntie **" with a beaming smile. All she needs to do is work on his pronounciation .

Dd calls squirrels "shool-yoo-yoos" which is so cute.

Miaou Wed 21-Mar-07 20:30:04

LOL at all these stories

A wee update - ds can now sort of say sheep - but obviously this comes out as "shit" <<sigh>> much to the dds amusement

He can also say "shut oop" to the dog when she whines (in a great broad Yorkshire accent )

soph28 Wed 21-Mar-07 20:25:54

A few months ago ds was in the bath and the conversation went

Me: Where's your belly button?

DS: Pointed to his willy

Me: No, that's your willy

DS: BIG willy!

It was hilarious and he was only 20mths and already a typical man.

We had the whole melon pip thing again today except it was a tiny stone in the bottom of the nappy bucket and apparantly it was a cow! What an imagination!

yacketyblah Wed 21-Mar-07 20:06:04

Oh so it's not just my DD! She has a toy castle with play figures, including a dragon. So now whenever we're out and about and she sees a church she says 'it's a castle', I say, no it's a church
Ok its a castle
"it's got a dinosaur on it".

Can't wait to show her a real castle..

MiaWallace Tue 20-Mar-07 07:09:25

PMSL at your dd Aitch

AitchYouBerk Tue 20-Mar-07 00:33:44


hunkermunker Tue 20-Mar-07 00:27:48

DS1 wanted to "buy Mummy some uncles at the shops" earlier - he has four uncles and I said I had none [melt]

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