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I have just had the following conversation with ds (19 months)

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Miaou Wed 14-Mar-07 14:38:05

Him: (holding a toy sheep in each hand)

Me: Oooh what have you got there, ds?

Him: Horse.

Me: No they are sheep. SHEEP.

Him: Eeep

Me: Sheep.

Him: Peep

Me: Sheep

Him: Peesh

Me: Sheep

Him: <<<sigh>>> Horse

fryalot Wed 14-Mar-07 14:38:52

JaneAustenAllegro Wed 14-Mar-07 14:40:24

ahhh bless him

sockmonkey Wed 14-Mar-07 14:47:59

hehehehehehehe.That's fantastic

marymoocow Wed 14-Mar-07 14:48:21

. Just finished chuckling to myself when my ds (aged 3) came up to me and said he needed something to draw on. I gave him some paper out of the printer, and he replied "is it real paper" Not sure what he thought it was really

That's what's so wonderful about children. Can be really naughty all day and then come out with something like that and make it all better.

Cocobabe Wed 14-Mar-07 15:42:46

kids talk are wonderful arent they !, last night at dinner , it was just me and my dd , she suddenly she whispered to me ' Ive made you a candle at nursery for mothers day ' I asked her why she whispered to me when there was no one else in the room - she said ' its a secret !'..hee hee now I will have to act surprised on mothers day!

tweetyfish Wed 14-Mar-07 15:47:03

ah bless, that's so sweet!

having somthing similar here with DD. Look, an elephant "yeah, rabbit".. No, elephant "rabbit". ele "ele" phant "fant" elephant............"rabbit"

Califrau Wed 14-Mar-07 15:58:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Abwab Wed 14-Mar-07 20:22:42

my Ds 2.6 followed my into the loo the other day and was studying me carefully as i had a wee and then said "Mummy, you have got whiskers on your bum". i couldn't help but die laughing and then made a mental note ot have abit of a tidy up down there!!

MerlinsBeard Wed 14-Mar-07 20:25:36

I went to the loo the other day and DS2 came in (23 mo) pointed and said his word for spider

Miaou Wed 14-Mar-07 21:59:34

ROFL mumofmonsters!!!!!

mollymawk Wed 14-Mar-07 22:10:41

Miaou, I am reminded of the inability of my ds2, aged 20 months, to say "sheep". He does love them though. I have a nightshirt with pictues of sheep on (ancient, from M&S) and whenever I wear it, as soon as he wakes up he points excitedly at me and shouts "beetch".

casmumof3 Wed 14-Mar-07 22:13:26

please write these down so you dont forget them,my children said some lovely things when they were tiny but I have forgotten them now.


Catbabymummy Wed 14-Mar-07 22:14:26

My dss, when he was about that age, used to call plums, clowns. My theory is they reminded hime of the clowns's red noses...

casmumof3 Wed 14-Mar-07 22:15:05

that flippin capslock

colditz Wed 14-Mar-07 22:15:37

When ds1 was 2, he stroked my leg and exclaimed "Fur!"

hunkermunker Wed 14-Mar-07 22:16:27


He's FAB, Miaou!

soph28 Wed 14-Mar-07 22:18:42

I had this conversation with ds (23+mths) the other day:

Him: crouching beside the upturned wash basket 'oooh puppy, awww cute, lovely puppy'

Me: 'Oh have you got a puppy there under the wash basket'

Him: turning basket over and taking something tiny out and cupping in his hands 'Yes, lovely puppy, awwww soft puppy'

Me: very curious 'let me see'

Him: 'look lovely puppy' holds out a cupped hand to reaveal a MELON PIP!!!

littlelapin Wed 14-Mar-07 22:18:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

colditz Wed 14-Mar-07 22:19:41

Soph that is very veyr funny

deaconblue Thu 15-Mar-07 09:58:46


LittleMamaT Thu 15-Mar-07 11:16:25

We often visit a farm where there are wallabies. For ages DS1 called them 'wobblies' - so sweet and I'm now sad that he can say 'wallabies'.

fridayatlast Thu 15-Mar-07 12:21:59

My DS at about 2 yrs old, when my mum used to mind him. He knew that if Grandad wasn't there he was often either at work ... or golf:

DS: Where's Grandad?

Mum: He's at work

DS: or golf

Mum: Yes, but today he's at work

DS: or golf

Mum: no ... work

DS: or golf

Mum: no DS ... he's at work

DS: or golf

Mum: <<gives in>> OK, yes he's at golf

DS: <<pauses>> ... or work

soph28 Thu 15-Mar-07 12:25:28

that's funny, fridayatlast.

DS thinks that Daddy is at work or at the toilet!

lemonaid Fri 16-Mar-07 14:40:40

DS (25 months): Di'saur
Me: It does look like a dinosaur, doesn't it? But it's a lizard.
DS: Di'saur
Me: Lizard
DS: Di'saur
Me: No, a lizard
DS: Di'saur
Me: OK, then, it's a dinosaur
DS: Lizard
Me: That's right, a lizard. Well done!
DS: Di'saur.

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