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When do LOs listen when you call them over?

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Twinmumum Sat 29-Apr-17 19:31:13

Every week I take my 1yo twins to baby group and every week they (mainly DS) crawl off to do their own thing and won't come back to me when I call them/ look at them and beg whilst maintaining lovely mummy voice. It drives me mad! Everyone else's children sit nicely on their knee or at least go back to their mummies from time to time but mine just seem to want to be independent. Do you think it's because they're twins and are used to being more self reliant? They've always had to share my attention, naturally. I know there are bigger issues but it just makes me a bit sad blush when did your LOs start wanting to come to you when you were out and about??

ScarlettFreestone Sun 30-Apr-17 05:32:22

My twins were very similar. At 18 months they were fairly wild and I despaired. At 9yo they are now very well behaved.

IIRC they started listening at about 2.5 yo ish.

Just be consistent - eventually it gets through!

Twinmumum Sun 30-Apr-17 06:31:45

Oh wow another year and a half to go! Good to know yours are well behaved now though- that gives me hope! smile thanks

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