3 year old doesn't want to go outside much anymore

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OneTimeintheSunshine Fri 28-Apr-17 17:11:42

My dd has not long turned three (her birthday was just last week) and recently she never wants to go out. Every time I want to leave the house I have to go through a battle and frankly I am sick of it. We have the getting dressed battle, the nappy change battle (she isn't potty trained). Had no trouble getting her to go out for her birthday party mind.. The nappies and the clothes have always been that way forever (feels like) so I'm used to those (although much harder now she can run so fast), but the not wanting to go outside is new. She used to love going out and still does once we are outside. She loves walking, running, riding her bike and being at the park. (I have similar trouble getting her to leave the park most of the time).

It's getting out the door that is the problem. She cries, screams, shouts, runs away from me, won't put her shoes on or let me. I've long given up on coats. She lashes out at me and has hurt me a few times. I have a long term back problem and am starting to struggle with picking her up, especially when she is writhing about everywhere, so that's made things more difficult.

When we finally do get out, she has very fixed ideas about which way we should walk. If she's in her pushchair and I start to go the "wrong" way she screams or shouts that I'm going the wrong way. If we are both walking she will get angry if I want to go a different way and either stay still and not move, or just start walking the "right" way. She always wants to stick to the same routes. She is like that over a lot of things, she has her way of how things should be and gets incredibly frustrated/angry if things go differently.

But that's beside the point, (sorry got carried away) what I want to know is has anyone experienced the not wanting to go out thing and have you got any tips for dealing with it? I don't want to have a fight every time I need to nip to the shops.

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Daphnedown Fri 28-Apr-17 17:13:40

My DS has been like this and I realised it was because he was cold. Did you notice any difference when we had warmer weather a few weeks ago?

OneTimeintheSunshine Fri 28-Apr-17 17:48:45

No I don't think there was any difference. She doesn't seem to feel the cold that much really. We live in a colder part of the UK so maybe she is used to it! Thanks though.

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inyerroomnow Tue 30-Jan-18 16:39:37

My son refuses to point on a jacket- he’s 3, won’t wear socks and only wears Spider-Man wellies on his feet no matter what the weather! That’s another story
Just found out today from nursery he’s refusing to go out to play and he loved being outside What’s his problem??

Ioana81 Sun 25-Apr-21 13:36:08

I know it’s been a long time since you posted your question, I was wondering how Is it going now, as more or less we are going through the same issues?

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