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3 month old more fussy?

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user1492964816 Thu 27-Apr-17 19:49:02

I think I set an unrealistic goal that at 3 months bubs would have grown out of all issues and be content. He's always had bad wind and I think he is a bit refluxy albeit silent. He is 13 weeks going into 14 weeks and he just seems unhappy! Pretty much every other day/every day he'll have some kind of meltdown and be moany and whingy throughout the day. Can occupy him for a little while but not long. He does sleep in the day- usually one long nap and a couple of short ones. I'm sure he didn't use to cry as much. Is it just a phase? I know they become aware of lots at this age, I'm just a bit tired as it's so draining when they seem unhappy. He's also obsessed with sucking his fists and putting anything and everything in his mouth. Any advice or similar stories where they've come out the other end?

SleepyBearMama Fri 28-Apr-17 14:16:59

I could have written this exact post today! My LO is 15 weeks now and is also going through this really whingy, cries at everything stage so I wonder if it's just a normal stage for them to go through at this age? He has these really dramatic crying fits when I'm getting him dressed and putting his arms through the sleeves hah!
You mention that he doesn't sleep a lot during the day and neither does my little one and I think this contributes to a lot of the screamy-ness as I believe they are still meant to get around 15/16 hours sleep a day.
It is very draining so I can sympathise with you, I seem to constantly be relying on a dummy just to get through the day without constant crying which I then feel really guilty about!
Not much advice, but hang in there! I'm sure it's a phase that'll soon pass! smile

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 29-Apr-17 17:04:12

It sounds pretty much like normal baby behaviour. Some things that might help are, sticking him in a sling, this can help to regulate their hormones and he might just have a sleep. Going out for a walk, sometimes a change of scene is good for both of you. Getting some adult company yourself.

Have you read the Wonder Weeks? It lets you know when there are most likely to be cranky.

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