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4 year old shy but wants to play at nursery

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lyssie29 Wed 26-Apr-17 09:17:18

My dd just turned 4 and when she was a toddler she was extremely shy of people. Even family. I put her in a nursery for 4 hours a week and it did wonders and she is much more confident. She finds kids to play with at soft play or the park no problem. However, at nursery (a different one than her previous one) they said she happily plays on her own which is also fine and she will play with other children but only if they go up to her first. Today before I took her in we were waiting outside with the other parents and kids and a few were playing. She said she wanted to play with them and I said well go and play. She said if i do they wont notice me anyway. How can I help her be more confident at nursery? I'm not really worried about it as she's young but I dont want her sitting on her own at nursery feeling sad and afraid to go and play with the other children incase she gets ignored.

thethoughtfox Wed 26-Apr-17 10:13:58

Could you arrange a play date with one that she plays with sometimes? Then she might feel confident about approaching her/ him next day at nursery.

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