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Tumble Tots - not listening to instructions

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GLOBETROTTERHEAVEN Tue 25-Apr-17 15:01:14

We have been doing Tumble Tots with DS aged 2.2 years for about 6 months now. In the past couple of months he has moved up to a more structured class and his concentration span with listening to instructions from the staff on how to use the apparatus etc is almost non-existent – he ignores them completely and, if he can, will bolt off across the gym to climb on the apparatus. If any small pieces of equipment are used such as balls, ribbons, hoola hoops etc he will rarely do whatever game the children are instructed to do without me almost forcing him to do it – otherwise he bolts off across the gym holding the item, laughing as I chase him. Likewise for sitting in a circle doing exercises/rhymes – I usually have to hold onto him otherwise he takes off to start climbing the apparatus (which is regarded as a big no-no until the staff instruct on how to use it each week).

He is absolutely fine when using the apparatus – he is fast and agile and picks up how to do things quickly, will wait his turn in the queue behind other children ok, but when the staff need them to do other activities like stated above he is just not interested - he wants to climb on the apparatus instead or run around.

Unfortunately he seems to have become a running joke with the three staff there – weekly comments like “oh look, there he is off again ha ha,” and the last class at the end of each term is completely free play and there have been comments like “that will suit DS won't it ha ha.”

DS listens to us at home, we have no other concerns about this concentration, but at TT he completely changes and becomes a nightmare. During the activity time all I seem to be doing is chasing him around the gym as he bolts off yet again and I'm starting to dread going – the staff have obviously noticed and out of a class of about 15 children aged 2-3 years, he is one of 2 or 3 who consistently ignore instructions on doing some activities.

Is TT just too structured for him? We have no other concerns with his concentration and listening skills at home, his development/meeting milestones – he is just awful at some of the TT activities which is obviously giving him a reputation. Am going to mention in his 2-year check which is coming up soon.

Anybody else's child like this in classes such as these but OK otherwise? Maybe after this term finishes we should give it a break.

taptonaria27 Tue 25-Apr-17 15:03:56

I left a local gym class for unilateral reasons, just too structured for some children. Don't feel bad about yourself or your child it's just not for everyone, now the weathers better, take him to the park instead

taptonaria27 Tue 25-Apr-17 15:04:23

Unilateral reasons???
Should say similar sorry

Lukeandlorelai4Ever Tue 25-Apr-17 15:06:50

He's being two

nuttyknitter Tue 25-Apr-17 15:09:56

I hate Tumbletots! We tried it for a term - the apparatus was fun but the structure is completely pointless - children of this age should be being encouraged to explore not to perform routines. Time spent at soft play is far more beneficial.

glenthebattleostrich Tue 25-Apr-17 15:14:18

We left tumbletots after my friends little girl streeked across the room for the third time and was met with tuts. (She was 2 and hated clothes, could strip from fully clothed to starkers in the time it takes to get across a room).

We moved to a brilliant class at our local gymnastics club which had a structured bit at the start then 30 minutes of apparatus use. Fantastic and the staff actually seemed to have met and like children!!!

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