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9 year old clashing with me

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Feellikerubbish Tue 25-Apr-17 09:49:11

My 9 year old son moans a lot. Teases his sibling a lot and doesn't listen to me much.

He loves playing computer games which we limit otherwise he wouldn't do his homework etc.

He often gets into these moods when he doesn't get his way and becomes really rude.

Yesterday he was supposed to come off the computer when I got back. Instead he finished off a round and went into another game. I asked him politely to stop, he ignored me. I then asked 2 more times but now raising my voice and he ignored me again. On the 4th time he then shouted at me that he heard me. He got off and became very rude, telling me to shut up and shouting at me. We went on arguing for nearly 2 hours on and off and I got to the point when I was almost in tears and wanted to storm out of the house!

His father was there but apart from telling me to calm down, said and did nothing. I get the blame from him that our son is like this because of me, not him because he's not there much as he works away a lot.

I know I shouldn't raise my voice but even when I try to walk to another room to call down, he would follow me and moan and be rude and not leave me alone.

Anyone been in a similar situation and have any tips/advice please?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 27-Apr-17 16:20:32

My DS couldn't handle much gaming at that age either. What really help us was explaining limits beforehand and being really firm with consequences when he didn't comply. He soon figured out that if he didn't come off the second time I asked, I didn't bother shouting or asking again, I just unplugged the wifi and gave him a week's gaming ban. He's a few years older now but still comes off when asked smile

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