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22 month gone extremely fussy...

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Tinks15 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:00:30

Is anyone else's toddler going or gone through this? My DD has decided she no longer likes her dinners. I've tried all her 'favourites', putting only a little bit on her plate, spoon feeding her - she will either only eat a few mouthfuls or she'll just push it away. sad.
I don't really let her snack, so i try & build her appetite up but if i do decide to give her one shes even pushing that away occassionally.
She's been behaving like this for 2 or so weeks now - just getting worried that she will go hungry & isn't getting the nutrition she needs.
She is a slim little thing as it is. Any ideas? Or have I just got to ride this out?

Playitagainsam Tue 25-Apr-17 13:08:45

Having had an extremely fussy eater, I think that universally the advice is to keep serving up a range of good food, and don'5 react if she doesn't eat it. Don't try to cajole, bribe or anything like that, as often toddlers are more interested in your reaction than anything else. So, business as usual and don't let them see that it bothers you. If she doesn't eat, clear it away without comment. Offer a healthy second course like fruit or yoghurt irrespective of whether she eats the main meal - don't make it a condition of eating it. Personally, I do offer decent snacks twice a day, my DD has a small appetite and is a little and often kinda girl, I find that not giving her snacks doesn't make her any more hungry at meal times.
Hope that helps, it doesn't always go that smoothly in our house BTW, but having done a lot of reading and visited nutritionists, I know what we should be doing!

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