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Crying at night however not waking up

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Edel40 Sat 22-Apr-17 17:28:27

My 11 month old boy crys on average 3-4 times (could be more) every hour every night. However does not open his eyes. I pick him up, hold him for about a minute & put him back done. He stops crying within 10 seconds of picking him up. This is going on since December- doctor said it was "night time terrors" - what has a baby to be terrified about? I have co--slept for 3 months - no improvement. Back in cot - no improvement.
Offered bottle - does not want it. Offered soother - does not stop crying.
Let him cry-it-out however keep giving in after 2 mins - does anyone have any ideas, help, suggestions?? Try calming him without picking him up - does not work.
He sleeps soundly for 2 naps during the day & follows strict bed time routine.

EverbodyTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 23-Apr-17 11:41:10

Not sure on that one sorry. If he's asleep, is that still counted as crying it out?

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