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5 month old cries and whines constantly... feeling so fed up

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Orange80 Wed 19-Apr-17 16:43:59

My youngest DC is my hardest by far. He has been like this since he was born and I keep thinking he's going to grow out of it any minute, but almost six months later and he's the same.

Hates being put down - for anything. Naps, when I'm cooking, trying to feed other dc. Screams in the car. Mostly screams in the buggy though sometimes ok.

Only happy when being carried or in the carrier. Cries himself to sleep, even though he's breastfed to sleep (so cries and feeds at the same time).

Even when he's happy there's a whingey edge.

I honestly think he's a bit tired and hungry all the time. But really struggle to get him to nap or sleep properly. Even in the carrier.

Anyone else been through this?! I keep imagining he's always going to be such hard work.

This constant low-level whining or full-on crying is really getting me down. I'm an upbeat person and my other dc are so jolly, but this is testing my up-beat-capabilities!

Anyone's babies been through this and come out the other side?! All I can imagine is that he'll always be hard work.

Orange80 Wed 19-Apr-17 17:04:18


MrPoppersPenguins Wed 19-Apr-17 17:06:34

Yep! My DS1 was like that. But... as soon as he could sit up he was happier. Then the same with crawling and walking. Once he could walk and get where he wanted to go he was much happier. Still not keen on naps but hey ho. He was/is a lovely bright character once he became more independent!

Orange80 Wed 19-Apr-17 17:09:32

mrpoppers I keep hoping he'll be happier once he can crawl! He can only just sit, and prefers to sit and play than lie down, but is still very whingey! Perhaps because he can't move and control his surroundings?

BakingWithPreSchoolerand6YO Wed 19-Apr-17 17:09:56

Yes - DD1. Got loads better when crawling, then even better when walking and saying a few words. She still has a tendency to get excessively stroppy and tearful when tired / hungry but at least I can reason with her and don't have to carry her about everywhere like when she was a baby!

Lovelongweekends Wed 19-Apr-17 17:11:15

My dd3 is like this, she's 6months and cries constantly if not being held. She is by far the worst of my three and if we'd had her first she would be an only child!!!
I'm hoping she'll grow out of it when she can crawl/walk but it is soul destroying!

Orange80 Wed 19-Apr-17 17:16:44

baking - that's good to hear she grew out of it mostly! I am contemplating taking him to baby sign classes. Maybe he's just fed up because he can't communicate properly?!? (Clutches at straws...)

lovelongweekends - totally agree. If he had been my first he'd definitely have been my only! It's totally soul destroying.

MrPoppersPenguins Thu 20-Apr-17 05:05:57

Baby signing... yes!!! We also did this and although he didn't sign himself til he was 1 it was brilliant and really did help with this frustration. He signed over 100signs eventually. Much easier when they can communicate!!

endofthelinefinally Thu 20-Apr-17 05:28:25

Have you considered reflux?

Dothbutternoparsnips Thu 20-Apr-17 05:41:18

Yes. First 6 months were hells. Next 18 months felt a lot better but still exhausting (I think my standards were low after 0-6 months!)

Now I have the cheeriest, easy little toddler. Good luck.

beekeeper17 Thu 20-Apr-17 06:22:23

I'm assuming breastfeeding is going well for you if you've make it to 5 months. Unfortunately I struggled a lot with breastfeeding and my dd just never seemed to get enough and was constantly crying and hungry. Although it was a really hard decision for me as I really wanted to breastfeed, I switched to bottles around 2 months and she was Ike a different baby, satisfied and content. I'm not saying it's the same for you, and I think it's so great that you're breastfeeding, but when you said that you think they're always hungry, it reminded me of the struggles I had with my dd and my instincts were right, I think she was just hungry and that's why she was so unsettled.

IDefinitelyWould Thu 20-Apr-17 09:54:05

My ds was a whingy clingy baby. He got better when he crawled (at 4.5 months) and then again when he walked at 7 months! Now at 2.5 he is lovely. Always active and on the go but very independent, happy to play by himself as long as it's something getting dirty or very active. When we go to the park he is off with my 4yo and I get to sit down and relax. I think he was never really happy being a baby and is much happier now. We did discover late on that he had a dairy allergy which probably contributed to his whinginess in his early months. (He was ebf and barely are any food at all til he was 14 months).

MessyBun247 Thu 20-Apr-17 13:24:29

Both my DDs were whingey babies, more so DD2. Tbh they were both pissed off at their limited capabilities! Wanted to be into everything. With every milestone they brightened up.

DD2 is almost 15 months and so much better now that she is walking and starting to talk. Still tiring but most toddlers are!

Hang in there smile

Starlighter Thu 20-Apr-17 13:45:05

Both mine were like this constantly from 3 months to 2 years! Took them to the doctors, tried everything - but it was teething! Both happy once all their teeth were through but it meant 4 years (with both of them) of constant whinging! sad

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