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What is your 4 month old doing?

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creaser Tue 18-Apr-17 22:09:59

Just that really my DD is 19 weeks isn't rolling yet prefers to try and sit but can only do with support. Not much babbling but is trying to make sounds happy with her development overall just curious?

FurryElephant Tue 18-Apr-17 22:36:00

Every baby is so different, they each reach milestones at completely different times smile
My DD is the same age and this week has started rolling from back to front and sitting for longer periods unsupported, but last week wasn't even trying to roll so it could be sudden! She babbles away when she feels like it however doesn't sleep for shit and feels umpteen times a day hmm

creaser Tue 18-Apr-17 22:46:00

Ahh hoping for something soon as I think she's getting bored of just sitting in her bouncy chair and ring. Mine sleeps amazing at night but daytime naps are hard work feeds fine 5 formula feeds a day. I have 3 but the other 2 are boys and hit milestones slightly later than predicated but everyone keeps telling me girls are eager to learn smile

WhatInTheWorldIsGoingOn Tue 18-Apr-17 22:50:23

Mine watched the whole box set of Greys Anatomy.

FurryElephant Tue 18-Apr-17 22:51:53

She'll get there! 4 months is still early smileI think my DD has learnt mainly by flinging herself sideways off my lap when I'm feeding her (luckily onto my bed but still) hmmone day she'll just do it and you won't be able to get her to stop! I miss the days of plonking on the mat to go for a wee grin

Bella1985 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:29:05

DS is 16 weeks old and seems to be hitting the 'your baby could possibly be doing' milestones and not the 'should be doing' stuff as mentioned on baby websites. He smiles but doesn't laugh or squeal yet. He doesn't roll and no signs of trying. He can't sit independently yet but has had good head control for about 6 weeks and prefers to sit up than lie down. He's trying to stand up on our laps and wriggles a lot to get to a standing position. He will coo and make noises but not much, depends on his mood.he's just started holding things when we put them in his hands, doesn't grab for them yet.

I'm keeping an eye on the websites to see which milestones are next, or games we should play with him to help him develop, but mostly take it all with a pinch of salt. He'll do things when he's ready, I guess. It's a really interesting stage - you can literally see them forming opinions and trying to make sense of the world! smile

Elland Wed 19-Apr-17 14:20:48

My very nearly 4 month old is making me want to scream due to his screaming! We're in the last stretch of the fourth leap and I feel like I'm going mad!

Development wise he can't roll and isn't fussed about it yet either, he's been able to hold his head up for weeks and is trying to sit up a bit.

He can laugh and chuckle with a few new noises being thrown in this week. He loves grabbing everything too.

He is refusing to go in his car seat happily at the moment, just all of a sudden went from being perfectly fine in it to screaming and crying without relief every time he's in it which is making it difficult to get out and about. He's also doing it in shopping trolleys as I found out today.

creaser Wed 19-Apr-17 14:28:28

They do all sound roughly the same stage my DD did have weird map stage 2 weeks back where she just wouldn't go down in the cot anymore for naps has to now be the car seat or pushed in the Pram or held. But she does sleep at night so hey. No teeth yet but been teething ages lots of dribbling and biting her own arm. smile

Bella1985 Wed 19-Apr-17 17:45:43

Oh elland that sounds hard. DS doesn't like going in to the car seat as it is, let alone screaming whilst in it too sad.

creaser DS has been drooling a lot for about 5 weeks but no visible sign of teeth yet. He soaks through hundreds dozens of bibs every day. His hands are permanently in his mouth too - I bfeed so spend all day trying to decipher whether he's hungry and giving feesing cues or just loving his hands/soothing his gums!!

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