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Managing behaviour - 2.5 year old

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Coughandsplutter Mon 17-Apr-17 07:12:08

Hello! We have 2.5 year old DS who is usually an absolute joy to be around. 4 weeks ago we had a baby girl. So far DS has been fab with baby, curious, protective and loving. He then developed a chest/throat infection last week and has been on antibiotics. Literally last Thursday he started being really difficult....I thought it was because he was poorly, not eating and sleeping well. But he seems to be a bit better and sleeping and eating is better, although not quite normal. He's been throwing toys, crying and whinging big time if he can't get his own way, particularly with TV and food. What's happened to my boy?! Hubby and I were struggling but have discussed using time out as a way to discipline. As of yesterday we were approaching things differently and sending mixed messages. So could this be a late reaction to baby? Developmental stage? I'm concerned as I hate the behaviour I've seen and I'm wary about being in company. I know we need to take back control. Please help with either suggestions, anecdotes or reassurance. I want my boy back sad

Believeitornot Mon 17-Apr-17 07:16:00

He's still not better by the sounds of it.

He is still your boy. He will change, grow and develop and you will need to adjust your parenting.

Have some firm lines e.g. No hitting with set consequences. Warn once.

But be prepared for continuing adjustment to his sibling. My oldest was 2.2 when baby dd arrived and it took a long time to adjust. Now they get on well 99% of the time grin

Coughandsplutter Mon 17-Apr-17 07:21:28

Thanks believe smile
So hard isn't it.

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