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Toddler Mealtime Issues

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Curlyloveswine Sun 16-Apr-17 23:12:10

DD is driving me mad! She's always been a great eater, trying different things and with a healthy appetite. However, recently she's been throwing strops if she doesn't get what she wants for dinner, or just declaring "I don't like it" even if it's something she LOVED the day before.

I'm pretty sure this is a phase but any ideas on how best to ride it out?

The other day she decided she hated jam on toast even though she'd sell her left arm for it the day before. She stomped that she wasn't going to eat it and wanted something else. I suggested a few other fair options and she pouted. I then said "that's what there is". She got down and went off for a bit. Not long later she declared she was hungry so I reminded her the toast was ready when she was on the table. One bite taken and then nothing until Lunch time when another "discussion" arose.

Funnily enough, she eats everything when she goes to her dad's one day a week obviouslybecauseit'salwayschipsorshite

Please help meeee!

Curlyloveswine Sun 16-Apr-17 23:12:37

Should add, she's 3 in the summer.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Apr-17 15:31:44

Sounds just like my DD at that age. Things I've learned along the way are:

not to offer anything else, they'll have you mithering for hours in the kitchen.

Assume they are not hungry and clear away when you've finished eating.

Don't discuss eating. If she declares she won't eat something, just say ok and change the subject.

Don't cajole, insist, praise or criticise when she's eating. Unfortunately, if your DD is anything like mine, you now have very little influence over what she'll eat from now on. What you can do is serve up food and if she eats eat great, if she doesn't then that's up to her.

Reduce portion sizes dramatically. She can always ask for more.

Make snacks fruit or veg only.

Curlyloveswine Wed 19-Apr-17 22:11:24

Thanks for the great tips! I'm definitely going to be following them.

I did an experiment the other day to confirm my suspicions- she insisted she no longer liked jam (adored before) and would never eat it again. Put jam sandwiches in her packed lunch for nursery 2 days in a row after and she devoured them. Pickle. I'm going to make sure she has a decent packed lunch and breakfast so at least I know things are going in!

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