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3 year old getting on my nerves

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mylongawaitedlife Tue 11-Apr-17 18:41:09

Just that really. I'm hiding in the bedroom for now as just need a few minutes alone.

Main problems are:
- she won't eat anything I prepare. She eats everything they serve up at nursery. With me, hardly anything. Tonight I tried serving roast lamb diced up, mixed peppers, couscous, little roast potatoes, mini Yorkshires. She ate 2 Yorkshires that's it. Won't touch anything resembling a vegetable, for me
- she never asks for anything, but starts every sentence at the moment by whining/crying, and/or I want. Her language is really good but she chooses to whine/moan incoherently, it drives me nuts
- she won't play by herself at all, but wants to be say on me at all times, even on my head, use me as a landing cushion, it often hurts and is suffocating
- otherwise all she wants to do is watch tv, and not everything but the one cartoon she likes on repeat play

I'm a lone parent. Supposed to be on holiday for 2 weeks spending time with her. We've done stuff she likes every day, except today when I took her to the shops but still played and watched a film. I want to enjoy the time with her but right now I feel like strangling her after a battle over trying to get her to eat one spoonful of dinner.

endofthelinefinally Tue 11-Apr-17 18:47:54

She is tired.
Give her her main meal at lunchtime.
Start winding down at 5.30 pm and make sure she is in bed by 7.
It isnt a big deal. She is only little.

BreatheDeep Tue 11-Apr-17 18:58:39

I have sympathies. My 3 year old is driving me potty at the moment. He won't play by himself - constant 'play with me mummy' when I've explained I'm doing something like feeding his baby brother, making food, doing laundry etc. I play with him a lot but if it's not every second he whines. I get him to help with most of the chores I'm doing but he soon gets distracted and starts whining again.

It's just a stage, but an incredibly annoying one!

mylongawaitedlife Tue 11-Apr-17 20:36:51

end I would find it hard to do that as we're usually out and about at lunch time, especially during holidays. Today's lunch was a cheese sandwich, malt loaf bar, some cashews (which she loves), cup of milk and squash.. not insubstantial. We were out between about 10am and 3pm.

I don't think she really was tired either. She woke around 8am, had a 2 hour nap 2-4pm, has just gone to sleep (8.30pm) - that's not an unusual routine, except when I'm at work she's up by 6.30am instead. Dinner time is usually 6pm for her as that's when I get home from work.

The one thing I can't complain about, I suppose, is her sleeping. She has always been a fantastic sleeper - will sleep for hours and hours. Never gets out of bed once in it. Still has super long naps aged 3.

Breathe thanks.. can't imagine having 2 or more I think I would go insane..

.. now for a quiet brew

Myu5ername Wed 12-Apr-17 05:04:52

Does she take a dummy at all?
This pretty much describes how my nearly 3yo DD1 was behaving until a few weeks ago.
She was in the habit of taking a dummy and it has crept into all day usage rather than just nap/bed time. We ended up going cold turkey after she ruined a weeks holiday away with her behaviour ... literally as soon as the dummy was gone her behaviour improved and after a few days she was back to being an angel child again!

BellyBean Wed 12-Apr-17 21:49:36

My 3yo was a serious whiner/cryer and I started telling her I didn't understand what she wanted. Started asking, do you want me to do xyz? Yes! Ok I'll help. Now it's what do you Want? Help me with xyz. Ok!

But demanding words not just crying.

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