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is this normal ? should we be concerned ?

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lovelyconverse123 Mon 10-Apr-17 21:04:53

Hi all am posti g here as my sons behaviour has been on my mind a lot lately and i'd luke some outside opinions please. He is 4 & 10 months, has an older brother of 6 & a younger brother of 2. Very settled, stable home lufe, no changes, incidents etc. Normal pregnancy & birth. Hes due to start school in sept. For background:
Since the age of aroubd 3 hes been a very volitile child. Flies into rages (sonetimes extreme) over the slightest things eg if i give bim a dinner he doesnt like im silly mammy & screaming crying, if hes trying to make a toy & a piece wont fit it can be flung across the roon & again screaming rage. Can be 2,3 or 4 rages a day (but not in creche). Says 'im angry at x because.....'a lot. Sometimes he will try & take a swipe at myself &/or my husband.
Hes extremely stubborn & no amount of negotiation/talking/bribery will make him do something he doesnt want to do.
vety limited diet, will only eat a handful of foods....the foods he doesnt eat, he says he doesnt like x cos it tastes too tickley, doesnt like y cos it tastes too wondering about food sensory issues ?
Usually enjoys very rough physical play with dad/other person he feels comfortable with.....but on the other hand does not openly /readily demonstrate child/parent affection with kisses & cuddles etc & sometimes asks eg: will you not put your arm around me, im too busy to give you a kiss etc.
hes was in a creche since 1 year old & no problems, however he did develop a slight stutter but i wasnt too. Oncerned as his brother also did & both righted themselves in about 1 month, apparently its very common especially in boys. Brought him to speech & language therapist & no concerns, scored very well on all tests.
He started in a new creche when he was about 3 & 1\2. Very nice creche, lovely staff, introduced him gradually. Developed extremely intense friendship with another little boy which was reciprocated. Staff separated them to encourage other friendship development. However thisboy lives across tgs rod from our house so impossible to keep them apart outside creche. Creche staff have said he boes through phases of engaging with other children & then pulling back & reverting to more solitary play eg buikding blocks alone, jigsaws alone. Said theres no reason for concern at the moment, he might just be bored & ready to move on from creche. His concentration levels have greatly improved in past year.
talks viloently quite regularly eg if you dont buy me sweets im going to chop off your head, if you dont get out of my way im going to punch you in the face
he has swimming on a saturday & doesnt engage. Trails along behind other kids, tries to hang around in corner of pool. I feel hed be quite happy to be left to his own devices most of the time, doesnt seem to need/want much social interaction...
he has gromits, sleeps very well & has met all milestones both physical & other.
on the other hand:
No rages with our au pair or creche.
When hes in a good mood hes the funniest, most charming litgle boy.
is all this normal behaviour ? Thanks& sorry for long post.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 11-Apr-17 06:58:45

Are you thinking he may be on the spectrum?

lovelyconverse123 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:34:55

Sometimes yes.... but then when he's happy i think surely i'm overreacting....

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 11-Apr-17 21:33:52

I think from what you've said, it may be worth looking into, but I don't know much. Just sone randomer on'tinternet.

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