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My niece has a troublesome friend

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SparklePony Thu 06-Apr-17 19:12:40

My niece (who is 12) has a very unhealthy friendship with a girl who is causing her a great deal of upset. She is very manipulative and controlling. A few months ago she managed to get hold of my niece's email password and hacked into her account! She spent money that was my nieces on a game she was playing and changed the default email to her own (so she couldn't deny it was her). Anyway, I realise that it is not my problem and I have to let my sister deal with this but I really feel that she should have gone to the police! Her parents seem to have zero discipline and I think she needs to be taught a lesson! What should I do? Mind my own business??

SparklePony Thu 06-Apr-17 19:27:52

Sorry just realised that this is in the wrong topic section.

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