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My toddler hates me.

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Meaks93 Mon 03-Apr-17 20:49:26

Hate sounds like a strong word I know, and my daughter probably doesn't hate me but she defiantly does not like me, and she tells me a lot, and yes she knows exactly what she's saying and what it means, she's nearly two and a half, and she prefers her dad over me ten to none, if she's crying in the night and I go in she actively screams for her dad to go in, if I go in she refuses to have me, she doesn't want me to do anything for her only her dad. We both work full time, and from four months old she's been in nursery full time, a nursery that I work in, but not in her room. My partners always telling me things I could do to make her like me more which doesn't help at all. I just feel like I'm completely failing, she'll hit me but not hit anyone else, it's really upsetting, I wish I was a phase but it's been going on for months and months, everyone just laughs and says she's such 'a daddy's girl' but she's absolutely obsessed with him.
Has anyone else experienced this, is this normal.

Applebite Wed 05-Apr-17 12:30:44

I think it will be just a phase, OP, but a very very upsetting one for you.

All I can suggest is that you spend some time with her, just the two of you, and make sure you are FUN. if she thinks she has upset you, she may well feel that any attention is good attention, so don't let her see even if your heart is breaking. She will grow out if it.

flowers - this too shall pass!

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