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Anyone's little ones lost their balance with an ear infection?

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Chocarocker Mon 03-Apr-17 17:49:10

My DD has been diagnosed with a possible ear infection and is very wobbly on her feet now, often falling over. Has anyone else had their DC go wobbly with an ear infection? Started antibiotics yesterday morning but no improvement so far other than fever has now gone.

upthewolves Thu 06-Apr-17 10:38:48

Yes OP my DD had a bad run of ear infections when she started nursery and one of the signs each time was that she was off balance and fell a lot. The antibiotics should clear it up in a few days but can I suggest you have her ears checked again when you finish the course even if she seems better? My daughter got them repeatedly and my GP said it was likely the same infection that I didn't completely get rid of each time. Also recommend giving probiotics (can get from pharmacy) when giving antibiotics as prevents getting bad tummy if your DC is young. Good luck!

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