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4 month old refusing milk

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Babydreaming Mon 03-Apr-17 10:56:07

My baby and I have had feeding issues from day 1. We started with breastfeeding but he fed continuously for like 8 hours on occasions. He was exhausted and grumpy and then lost a lot of weight, was jaundiced and dehydrated. After 2 weeks the midwives and a lactation consultant told me I had to top up with formula after we were admitted to hospital. They think I wasn't producing enough milk which makes sense as my breasts never felt engorged and I never felt my milk coming in! I kept trying to breastfeed and I double pumped after each feed and took supplements but always had to top up.

He then gained some weight with formula but we ended up in hospital around 3 months when he became septic (not sure of the cause of infection still!)

Since about 6 weeks he gradually started to take less and less milk. At 1st I thought maybe it was a fussy phase but it got gradually worse. I went to the doctors and was told maybe reflux and started on meds.

His weight then started to plateau and at the worst point he even lost weight. We have since been under the dietician and he has been started on a higher calorie formula.

Thing is he is still struggling with his weight and taking milk! On an average day he takes about 400ml and then about 150ml overnight. With the higher calorie milk he's now able to gain a small amount but not as much as he should be.

I feed at the following times: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 3.30pm and 6.30pm. He then wakes 3-4 times a night. On each occasion he takes on average 60ml (less at night).

I feed him on my sofa in the day with no tv or distractions. He will generally take 1st 40ml well and then I have to really encourage that last bit. He starts writhing around at this point and will cry if I force it too much.

Any suggestions how I can improve things?! Anyone had any similar experiences? It's really upsetting!

Heebejeebees Tue 04-Apr-17 02:12:30

I feel for you... I tried to breast feed both my babies but my body didn't comply. Firstly both my babies couldn't latch, (inverted nipples) and secondly I never ever felt my milk come in. I expressed for 6-7 hours per day for pitiful amounts of milk and topped up with formula.

I beat myself up, tried my best, but frankly my body didn't do the same thing other women's did. There is such a stigma, but listen, if I had baby 3 and it didn't latch, I'd just formula feed. It drove me to depression that took years to shake, never again. Just formula feed and be done with no guilt

If you don't want to give up breast feeding try domperore (can't spell it) doctor can prescribe, it might help your milk.

My first also had horrendous reflux. Screaming on feeding, it went on until she was 8 months then cleared up. I used gaviscon. Nothing was soothing though. I wish you the best of luck X

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