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3 year old hysterical and not wanting to go to nursery

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Jenjen85 Sun 02-Apr-17 20:53:05

HELP im at my whits end.

My DD is 3yo and up until around 2 weeks ago has loved going to her preschool nursery. But for the past 2 weeks her behaviour has changed (bit naughty and very defiant in saying no to me and OH about going to nursery but put this down to her being not very well the other week) well last night she was hysterical at bed time saying she was never going to nursery again. This is so out of the blue and not like her at all I was heartbroken watching her that upset. I tried lying down on her bed chatting about what was bothering her but didnt really get anywhere. Left her upstairs to make tea to hear her screaming went up to her and she was that hysterical she made herself vomit sad she said she doesnt like playing anymore so questioned her about this and from what i can gather the home corner is no longer a hairdressers but surely she cant have got that upset over that confused again tonight we have had tears and saying she doesnt want to go to nursery. I did speak to the teacher last week and she spoke to DD who told her she didnt like playing anymore and the teacher just put it down to her being ready for school.

Can anyone help. Its breaking my heart seeing her this upset as its so out of character. Should i speak to her teacher again tomorrow or wait until Tuesday when its parents evening?

brasty Mon 03-Apr-17 13:44:52

It sounds like something has happened to make her so upset. What is the Home Corner being used for now if not a hairdressers?

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