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cot to big bed!!!

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user1490981241 Fri 31-Mar-17 19:04:52

My 20 month old is now trying to climb out of his cot so we have ordered him his big boy bed!! He is obsessed with Paw patrol so were decorating his whole room paw patrol and making a big thing of him going into his bed. Just curious if any tips and tricks to help him settle into his big bed and transition easier and other parents experiences with the transition? Hes my first child so unsure what to expect or how to handle it! smile

Can anyone share their experiences/tips? Thanks!

user1490981241 Fri 31-Mar-17 19:30:18

Should mention that since 3 weeks old (aside from the odd illness or terthing pain) he has slept 12-15 hours a night without any problems and he self soothes and falls asleep himself! Ive been lucky so far but worried a big bed will completely offset him.

HalfCarrot Fri 31-Mar-17 20:19:30

Same here, mine sleeps 12 hours a night and would really like a big bed (always getting into big brothers and pretending) but I don't want to mess up the sleep! Feel like I'm punishing him for being a good sleeper.

user1490981241 Fri 31-Mar-17 21:21:49

I know im really worried! He might surprise me and sleep no problem but just incase i might need a quiet weekend away from home and relax and sleep for a few days to get ahead of the exhaustion haha!

Mamabear468 Mon 03-Apr-17 08:38:42

We put our DD in her big bed when she was 2. She was ready a bit before this but we had a planned trip to visit family overseas that meant she would be in a travel cot for a couple of weeks so didn't want to confuse her by going backwards into the travel cot.
We had her bed set up in her room for a while before we put her into it, we would get ready for bed and do bedtime stories on the bed before moving her into her cot. Then one night we just let her stay in the bed and she was thrilled. We've only had a couple of instances of coming out of her room etc. and it's 7 months on. We did leave her cot up in her room for about a month as a just in case thing. Don't know if any if that helps, but hope the transition goes well for you all smile

user1490981241 Mon 03-Apr-17 12:48:41

Oh thats a great idea! Never thought of that thankyou Mamabear468 smile

Feelingkenty Mon 03-Apr-17 12:57:16

We moved DD1 into her big girl bed at Christmas time to give her 7 or so weeks to get used to it before DD2 arrived. A few weeks before the move we put a small pillow in the cot and then when she went into the big bed took the pillow and her toys etc with her so she had something familiar.

We also put her into her big bed in the sleeping bag she'd been using in the cot, and just left a cot size quilt (easier for little ones to pull up over themselves) and blankets etc at the end of the bed for her to get used to them before doing a gradual transition to using blankets in the bed. If you've been using blankets in the cot that won't be an issue for you

user1490981241 Mon 03-Apr-17 13:04:02

Ds has never been able to sleep with a blanket, he just throws it away, he cant sleep with one (hot blooded maybe lol). But he has about 15 teddies in his cot with him he cant sleep without so hopefully it will help him transition a bit easy.

I might do what Mamabear did and give him the option. Hes starting to wean himself off his afternoon nap so not a big issue if he doesnt sleep in the big bed at nap time then cot at night until he gets used to it and wants to sleep in his big bed smile fingers crossed it goes well!

Ellapaella Mon 03-Apr-17 18:32:29

We moved ds 3 at 25 months, he loved his cot and was a great sleeper so I was nervous to change the routine but he was really getting too big for his cot! It was actually fine, the first couple of nights he kept getting up and appearing at the stair gate but after consistently putting him back to bed he adapted within a couple of nights. We got one of those cot sides for his junior bed to stop him falling out.
I was a bit nervous about visiting relatives as usually he would settle anywhere if he was in his travel cot but actually we take his cot side with us and he's been fine.

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