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5 year old Primary 1 no concentration and occasional biting

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Secondtimemummy84 Thu 23-Mar-17 19:41:30

Hi there, well I'm in need of some urgent advice if I'm to keep my sanity and fight the urge to run!
My 5 year old DS started school in August and he appeared more than ready for the transition, both mentally and emotionally.
Then came the tears for the first month after day 3. He cried etting dropped off everyday for about 2 weeks (he's never cried about being left somewhere). Then he bit a friend in the playground in sept (albeit he had been restrained and was fighting to get out of someone's grasp). Then for months his teacher keeps telling us he can't concentrate to get work done and is a bit of a distraction to others. He is more than capable of doing the work (as the teacher realises too) but can't be kept in top groups as he can't keep the concentration to get through all the work.
Now today, he's bit a friend again for no reason at all this time. I'm at my wits end. I punish by taking away toys/privilagies, sit at length to discuss what's gone wrong with him, how he is feeling, but still most days he has been out down the behaviour chart for something and hasn't finished his work.
We have had two babies in the last 2 years but he is completely in love with them and I've never seen him act negatively towards them. I always ask how he is feeling about his brother and sister too as I know that could make him out of sorts.
His dad also works away for 2 weeks at a time.
I know it seems like he has a lot going on in his little life, which could account for it all, but I'm worried there could be an underlying issue.
Advice much appreciated!!!
Losing the will 😞

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