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16 month old really clingy and paying up for me but happy the moment he's with anyone else

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Maybe2014 Wed 22-Mar-17 08:40:25

I think I'm just looking for reassurance my 16m son likes me!
He's become really hard work when it's just us he wants to be picked up / carried all the time, he cries because he wants something and then chucks himself about when you give it him, I'm starting to dread taking him out because it looks like he's a handful and I'm not managing. he also wants boob all the time and I'd pretty much weaned him apart from before bed and first thing. He'll be crying because your trying to put his coat on and wrestle him in the car and then the moment the nursery open the door he's smiling and running off to play with the staff there and they say ' ooh he's so good' I asked if he's close clingy at all there and they said he's really happy all the time. It makes me feel a bit deflated. Is this just a phase?

tessiebear4 Wed 22-Mar-17 09:44:15

It's quite a difficult age, ime. All of mine have played up massively at this age. I think they are desperate to communicate, but don't have many words, which is probably very frustrating.

Summerdays2014 Wed 22-Mar-17 12:08:49

Oh yes, my 14 month old son is like this at the moment. Having tantrums, miserable, always wanting to be picked up, but happy at nursery and with my husband. It's hard.

Maybe2014 Thu 23-Mar-17 12:14:45

Aw thanks hopefully it's just a phase then and not forever!

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