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2 year old deliberately putting his hands in his poo when I change his nappy.

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Muddyslippers Mon 20-Mar-17 18:12:45

LO 25 months has taken to putting his hands down and playing with his pooy willy when I change his nappy. Anyone had this problem? What do you do? He also puts his hands in his mouth afterwards /at the same time because he knows he shouldn't. Discipline at this age isn't probably going to help, I'm a single mum so no other hands to help. In all other respects he is an adorable, full on boy who shares nicely and plays beautifully. Ahh, except running in car parks, which he also finds hilarious. It's almost like when it's really serious and I need to physically restrain him he loves it! He is very physical, so it kind of makes sense.
Have tried giving him toys to play with when I change him and chatting distractingly close to his face. The second kind of works but his poos are legend so it all takes quite a bit of time...

JonesyAndTheSalad Tue 21-Mar-17 11:20:14

Stick some gloves on him! The cheap rubber kind. He'll be so engaged with trying to remove them that you should have a bit more time.

Then, when his nappy's JUST off...throw a damp flannel on his bits and use that instead of wipes. A flannel is bigger and more can cover his willy up with it and do one big swooping wipe to get most of the poo off before he can get to it.

Throw the flannel into a bucket with some disenfectant. Wash on very hot at end of day.

You can buy cheapo cotton flannels in bunches.

WeAreStars Tue 21-Mar-17 18:49:04

My LG does this. I find giving her my phone with something she likes on YouTube helps to distract her for long enough.

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