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Centiles and weight gain!

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AnxiousRenovator Mon 20-Mar-17 11:21:10

My DS was born on Christmas day as a result of being induced due to lack of growth for the previous 2 weeks. He was born 6lb4oz. He lost only 2oz before gaining again. He went from 9th percentile to 25th which the health visitor was happy with as 'he had catching up to do'. Last time I had him weighed he was not far off the 50th and they again seemed unworried. Recently I've been getting comments about his chunkyness so weighed him myself and he's now just over the 75th at nearly 15lb! I've tried to do his length and he's approx the 50th. I have the health visitor coming thursday and am so worried I'm going to be told he's overweight! Both myself and his father are slender and I really don't want to be making an obese child! He's having 5oz of milk 3-4hrly during the day and one or two feeds overnight depending on the day although it's generally one now so 6 to 7 feeds a day, on demand.

Does this sound right or too much? Do i need to brace myself for a lecture?

user1481139951 Mon 20-Mar-17 12:42:51

I was induced with my DS due to lack of growth and he was born at 5lbs 4oz and due to bad reflux he's had a slow weight gain so is following the 2nd centile. Personally I wouldn't worry about it, he is probably just trying to catch up! The amount he's taking sounds about right and he's demanding it so it's not like you are feeding him when he's not hungry. I'd look at it as a good thing that he's gaining weight well and catching up fast. smile

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