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Someone help please.

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Harryx96 Mon 20-Mar-17 10:09:44

So I'm 21 a male and father to a healthy happy 3 year old. He lives with his mother and I see him once and week and she stays once every 2 weeks. My ex cheated on my 3 years ago with the guy she's about to marry, there's never been good tension there and now she's asking us all to sit in a room and play happy family's even though I'm his biological father. I pay for my son. I'm there for my son I've done everything but she's still trying anything she can to push me away, I do still care and love the mother of my child (this has been going on 3 years) but about a year ago we had sex. She said she wanted to be with me and then got back with her ex. She's told me now that it just wouldn't work. Which is fine. But I'd want to know why she's still being flirty and sexual..I just want to be a dad without the aggravation..can anyone please help me..

theonlygeorgie Mon 20-Mar-17 15:37:15

I'm sorry to hear this is happening Harry, must be quite confusing and upsetting. But I am confused... Why is she asking you to sit down and play happy families? How is she both pushing you away and also making advances on you? (Genuinely just trying to get to bottom of her behaviour)

IMO she likes the attention from you. When you sexed she'd probably had a bad day/week and wanted to feel good about herself, and she used you for that. I don't know if that's true, just my take on it. If she's pushing you away from seeing your son it might be because she doesn't want her fiance to know what happened.

As you're probably aware the most important person in this is your son, I would just concentrate on what is best for your little one and ignore the mother's advances and games as politely as you can.

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