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19 months and unruly?

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GemmaB78 Sat 18-Mar-17 22:21:17

Or normal behaviour for a toddler?

Throwing food. Or toys. Or books. Or anything he can get his hands on.

Ignoring requests that he fully understands.

Generally ignoring us.

Apparently he's an angel at nursery!

He's our first child and we are toddler virgins, so any tips would be gratefully received!

SilverLinings2014 Sun 19-Mar-17 08:51:16

Sounds normal.

It's good that he pushes limits at means he's securely attached to you both and trusts that he's safe to test boundaries.

Toddlers find transistions hard so if you ask him to do something without any prep he'll struggle to cooperate; possibly ignoring you is his was of dealing with this. Try giving him lots of notice before you want him to do something. So for example, as you're prepping tea tell him that once you've done x,y,z you want him to sit at table. Repeat it often with a countdown so once x is done tell him you want him at the table after y and z. If he still struggles to cooperate tell him you will help him if he's finding it hard to stop playing or whatever. I usually say something like 'I can see you're having a hard time stopping playing to come to the table/ put your shoes on/etc so I will count to three and then help you'. Usually by a count of 2 DD is doing whatever I've asked of her.

Might take a few days for him to get used to it and he might protest the first few times you intervene to help him, but just acknowledge his feelings and follow through, he'll soon trust the boundaries and that your consistent. Which will make it easier for him to do as he's asked.

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