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7 year old girl. Possible ADHD?!

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user1489699525 Thu 16-Mar-17 21:30:20

Hi my 7 year old DD is a lovely, helpful and clever girl. But I have had concerns regarding the trouble she has with attention, listening and being so easily distracted. When she was little she never played with toys and was always very needy towards me. She has never been good at following instructions or conversation without daydreaming or talking about something completely out of context. She interrupts all the time with random things and seems to find silence uncomfortable and talks about anything to fill the gap. At school her teachers have said although she wants to please so much her words run away with her. She now sits with an empty seat next to her due to her getting distracted so easily. She told me today she has been getting in trouble because she can't sit still and says she's getting comfy. Also she has been spoken to as she is in choir but she is busy looking around and not staying focused (and she has been desperate to be in choir for so long) She has told me her words fall out and she tries so hard to stop but she can't help it. She had sobbed to me about being in trouble but promises me she just can't help it. It's breaking my heart and I have no idea about ADHD or any other possibilities so if anyone can give me any advice it would be hugely appreciated!! Thank you

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