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Normal behaviour or ADHA

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lollylegs Wed 15-Mar-17 10:14:01

DS has just turned 9 years old. We are in Sydney and the school where he goes to, a lot of the kids have been held back so they start school later eg; a lot of kids in his class are coming into ten whereas he just turned 9.

He is a happy child, easy going and makes friends easily. He loves sport and is performing well at school. Thing is;
He moves and shuffles around a lot,
Fidgets and wriggles about a lot
He can't focus on a task for long unless it's reading (his favourite activity) and needs to constantly be reminded to stay on task.

School has just started again here in Oz and we've had some issues with swearing and answering back to the teacher at school. He has never behaved like this before and after being reprimanded has stopped. It hasn't help that this year they separated him from his best friend. I am concerned that he is very young for his year and therefore very immature. My gut feeling is that he needs some social skills training eg; reading social cues, understanding empathy and just recognising how others feel/ think. Maybe that's asking too much of a 9 year old.

I spoke to the GP who suggested he see a child psychologist. We met with her today and she felt that DS had a mild case of ADHD eg; 'he meets 7 out of the 9 criteria for it'. This comes as a complete shock to me. I had him assessed a couple of years ago as I thought that his inattention was becoming a problem despite the teachers telling me that he was fine. The ADHD specialist at the time said there wasn't evidence to suggest he was on the spectrum but that he was extremely bright. Today's psychologist said it may not have been 'evident' two years ago but is now more pronounced.

Has anyone had this experience before and have any words of wisdom please. It's not that I'm in denial but a part of me thinks it is normal behaviour and maybe he will outgrow it. I'm second guessing myself now and wondered whether anyone had anything similar when their son was younger and things changed as they got older.
Thank you

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