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Do I need to worry about 2 year old's constant fears?

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Mishmishmish Mon 13-Mar-17 09:23:15

Hi, just looking for some advice on my 2.5 year old who has long had 'fears' of things but they've escalated recently. For background he's pretty bright, loves reading books, beginning to get the idea of reading (I'm not pushing him, he's just sounding combinations out) not so interested in toys, great vocab and sentence structure, keen on numbers and very sociable - gets excited when he knows people are coming over and loves to hang out with us just helping us chop/wash up/stir the food etc.

He's been frightened of a few things since he was a baby - pop up books which are an absolute no no, becomes hysterical and one of his stacking cups which is a frog with a big round mouth, just recently chucked it in the bin. He's terrified of things that move with no explanation (to him anyway) e.g. a wind up turtle and fish for the bath. The last six months it's escalated I guess to where he is asking for most of his toys to be put on a high up shelf as he is frightened of them - a Thomas train which has a battery so chugs off across the floor, a couple of plastic fire engine/tractor types with buttons you push (they don't move but make a lot of noise, beeping etc). He had chicken pox recently and was so great about it I bought him a couple of leapfrog toys I thought he would love as we don't have that type at home - a singing turtle with various music and number combos and a large mat you jump on and the animal sings/plays its instrument. Both banished to the high shelf. This weekend he was shrieking about ants in the kitchen even though I showed him that they cause no harm and picked one up, let it run over my hand, and put it outside. The other thing this weekend was the straps on his high chair, when he got down one night I moved it to clean underneath and the loose straps dangling underneath suddenly swayed - he went ballistic. And now refuses to sit in the high chair.
The other thing is he just won't watch TV. Not the slightest bit of interest - he'll occasionally watch The Hungry Caterpillar on DVD but has to hold my hand i.e. wouldn't stay alone in the room. Anything that makes a sudden movement or appears to loom out of the screen and he's terrified.
Is this something he will grow out of? Do I need to speak to a HV? Any advice welcome. I'd love him to just sit on his own and watch a bit of cbeebies as got a little one due in a few months.
ps physically he is brave, wants to climb to the top of the tallest frame, slides down really big slides...

Smartiepants79 Mon 13-Mar-17 09:29:42

Sounds a little unusual to me but I'm not very sure what can be done about it.
It seems to be things that move unexpectedly? What about if people or animals move towards him? Noises?
A chat with the HV won't do any harm but I don't know what they'll suggest.
How do you respond when it happens?

Mishmishmish Mon 13-Mar-17 09:48:49

He's fine with animals e.g a cat on the pavement he's very good and slowly moving and not frightening it etc. It's funny because it is things that move unexpectedly but then I guess it shouldn't be a surprise - he knows if he drops the driver into Thomas it will move along the floor. I respond in a jovial way, try to keep it light hearted and show him there is nothing to worry about e.g. how the straps on the high chair work.

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