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6yo DS lying that I hit him.

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Prawncat Wed 08-Mar-17 14:21:33

DS1 is nearly 7 and has had major problems accepting DS2 since he was born 3 years ago. He has always been very aggressive and nasty towards him, to the point where they can't be left alone for a second, and jealous of any time DS2 spends with me. I left OH shortly after DS2 was born which may be the cause.

After a long time and lots of effort I have finally got DS1 some counselling through CAMHS. His counsellor just told me that this morning he told her that I push him and punch him in the stomach when I am cross, and that when we were only holiday once his dad and I hurt him and sat on his legs and he had to go in an ambulance. All of this is totally made up!!!

The counsellor has to report this to Social Services - now what??? I am so upset and worried. I have NEVER hit my kids and don't agree with smacking. I have physically pulled them apart from each other to stop them hurting each other, and smacked them both on the hand once a few months ago when I had tried everything, and then felt like the worst person in the world sad

Has this happened to anyone else? This has literally just happened. I'm at work, my head is spinning and I feel sick.

SweetGrapes Wed 08-Mar-17 14:46:38

No advice as such - just wanted to say my dd did this once. She had a massive black eye from a fall and told the receptionist at the doctors that I had punched her. I hadn't.
The police and sw came round and interviewed us all seperayely ( me, dh, dd). They had a million questions and looked around the house (kitchen, dd's room etc).
Then they wrote a report and said they had no further concerns.
Hopefully if you haven't done anything they will be able to recognise it. It is very stressful to go through but it kind of also reiterates that you do need help with your ds (his feelings towards ds2 and it's impact on them both) so maybe some good will come out. (Trying to look on the bright side)

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