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What was your extremely shy child like as a baby?

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Ironwoman123 Tue 07-Mar-17 21:29:24

Just wondering. I am quite shy and was extremely shy as a child but obviously I don't know what i was like as a baby.

I'm wondering if my daughter may be the same given how she's acting as a baby. My older daughter was completely different as a baby and she's very confident.

Anyway starting at 4 months, DD2 started getting very anxious if anyone held her except me. She's now 6.5 months and still extremely anxious if anyone holds her that isn't me.

If people talk to her she gets very shy and sometimes her little lip trembles. She constantly looks to me for reassurance.

She's quite quiet too, my DD1 was very loud all day long but DD2 seems to observe so much more.

I'm wondering if this could be a sign of her personality in the future.

NightCzar Wed 08-Mar-17 11:30:58

My anxious child was an anxious baby. She had the most pronounced Moro reflex that any professional had ever seen. It continued until she was almost 6 months old.

She is my oldest, though, so we had to learn as we went through childhood, through mistakes. She's 9 now and we have worked through strategies for her and for us. For example, after a few parties and group play dates where she cried and wouldn't join in, we learned to get there first. Or even early, so she'd be settled before the other kids arrived. After doing a group therapy course at a local kids psychologists, she knows to take deep breaths to calm herself.

So I guess I'm saying that for us, the anxiety remained. It's just part of DD1, however, and we all just get on with it. DD2 was a confident baby and is a confident child.

NightCzar Wed 08-Mar-17 11:32:39

Ps I was also a shy child. I find DD2's confidence a bit fascinating. I have learned to cover my shyness.

On the other hand my sister was a confident child and is a shy adult. Don't know what happened there. Life I guess.

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