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My 2.7 ds is making me ill

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Dizzywhore Mon 27-Feb-17 17:52:06

He was always such a sweet boy, cheeky but not naughty as such. Well the last few months his behaviour has really changed. His a nightmare from the moment he wakes to the moment his fills asleep. Iv got to the point where I just hate being around him. I feel awful for thinking like this but his making me miserable. My poor dd puts up with so much from him to. He hits, bits, pulls her hair. Doesn't let her do anything with me without kicking off so badly everyone gives up. I have tried everything! I'm actually thinking about putting him in nursery so I get a brake from him! sad

Sabsy1 Mon 27-Feb-17 22:10:24

My little one is 21 months old and very similar. I became sahm to look after him and "enjoy every minute", but it looks like I made a huge mistake. I am putting him into a nursery, as his behaviour is appalling. Play dates are completely out of questions (he is pushing other kids, hits them, won't share, has tantrums). I've stopped all classes/groups I used to do as it's embarrassing. All my friends have put their kids to nursery and they are all well behaved and I can see they benefited from it. There are times when my ds is super sweet and a lovely kid, but it has to be on his terms. I tried my best with discipline and explaining him why we do something/don't do something, but nothing works. Some people tell me he started terrible twos already. Health visitors assure me "it's just a phase which will pass". When??? I am struggling and both me and my dh have made a decision to put ds to nursery. It's not what I wanted.... but this situation is making me extremely depressed and I wouldn't dream of having another child. I am sorry I don't have advice for you....

mikado1 Mon 27-Feb-17 22:15:07

2.5 is a difficult phase for most. Read the above link 're developmentally normal behaviour. No he can't behave like that so you need to get in there and stop it. Look at Janet lansbury blog and on fb re setting limits and toddler testing, also ahaparenting.

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