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Sudden separation anxiety in 5yr old

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feekerry Sat 25-Feb-17 17:46:31

Dd is nearly 5. Always been quite clingy and shy but nothing major. Really come out of herself since starting school etc.
Like a bolt out of the blue last week in half term dd went to bed and instantly started screaming and crying saying she wanted to sleep with me. We hugged/reassured etc but eventually got over it. It's just been a downward spiral since then. I can't even go to the loo and she sits outside hammering the door and crying, can't put the bins out, can't hang the washing out etc. She is getting up multiple times in the night trying to sneak into our bed. She has been up since 5am this morning trying to get into our bed. We put her back with a kiss and a cuddle but she just keeps doing it
We have talked to her and all she can say is I miss you.
She had a mini panic attack today as I might have left her behind crossing the road hmm
It's really starting to get us all down. No sleep and constant clingyness.
I do get annoyed at her which won't help but she is a million percent happy to leave for school or play dates and absolutely loves both.
I'm not sure how to handle this? How can she be happy to leave for school etc but not let me go for a wee???

JonesyAndTheSalad Sun 26-Feb-17 01:39:42

Has she read or seen something about someone's Mum dying? I wonder if she's afraid for you. My friend had this and it turned out that her son thought she might die.

feekerry Sun 26-Feb-17 21:27:33

I got it!!!
It's the trolls movie!!! She watched it a couple of weeks ago and that day the anxiety started. I only realised as she asked to watch it again and we all sat down (I haven't seen it before) tonight and she went all weird and quiet at certain points when they mentioned death... there is quite a bit of (light hearted) mention of death/dying so I reckon that's it!
What can I do to over come this now??? Had an epic meltdown today over me leaving her in car to take trolley across the road to the trolley station- literally about 10 steps.

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