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My 3 year old is always angry

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Petanque Fri 24-Feb-17 21:52:54

Hi all,
Wanted to reach out to you to see if someone is dealing with the same issues. Our 3 year old daughter is always angry. Every morning we start the day hoping she is going to wake up in a good mood, but most days she would see us and start closing her door saying she is not happy! 10 mins we try to understand what is it she is unhappy about and we move on (unfortunately without much explanations). Everything i offer (porrige, getting dressed to govto the nursery, etc) is met with "no, i dont want to", until i get angry and she then gets ready... At school all teachers say she is a lovely and well behaved girl, very happy and talks a lot about mummy / daddy and her little brother... When we come back from school, she starts ordering us around and again as soon as something is not according to her plan she starts shouting, crying and again saying she is "not happy". My mum comes often to help us with the kids (more with the little one these days) and my daughter is often very rude to her saying she does not want to play with granny and does not let give her a kiss or a hug (very painful for my mum, who obviously loves her to bits). We are a bit desperate as our entire lives just go by trying to please our little girl, but we are getting nowhere... We thought it was a reaction to the birth of her brother, but he is 7 months old now, we gave her plenty of attention since he was born and we are not really sure ehat else can we do? Did anyone had similar situation, please help!

Wendalicious Mon 27-Feb-17 19:56:22

My son is the same- has an older sister so not that for him but is laying in bed now shouting and being all angry! He's tired and can be a very sweet boy but just always so angry 😡

amysmummy12345 Mon 27-Feb-17 20:00:43

Angry DD (3) here too, with a 9 month old sister. I'm constantly worried that we haven't given her enough attention with the younger ones arrival, we've tried so very hard, but her attitude and anger issues suck at the minute 😞 she plays with a few boisterous boys at nursery and we have similar boys in the family so we were wondering if some of the aggression she shows has rubbed off from them...

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