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Just wondered if this was normal - clinginess

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Mingewithafringe Fri 24-Feb-17 09:43:46

DS is 8 months old. He has always been ok if I leave him somewhere safe alone for 30 seconds or so but in the last week or so he cries even if i just turn my back let alone leave the room.

This is combined with him now waking up full on crying at night time, and I have to settle him back to sleep. Until he wakes up again an hour later screaming again. I have resorted to co sleeping for the last few nights.
He has always been a good cot sleeper. When he's woken up during his sleep before, he's only groaned and done a little yelp because his dummy's fallen out. Never has he cried proper tears.

Is this normal for his age and if so, how long did it last for your DC?

I should mention that I have returned to work for 2 Keeping In Touch days this past few weeks where he has spent both days with his granny and it definitely has been the longest he's spent away from me. Could it be subconsciously linked to this?

Thank you

88Nikki88 Sat 25-Feb-17 20:39:59

My little boy did similar at this age, I think it'd because it's the age where they realise you are no longer an actual part of them and that you can in fact leave and not return if you want to. You going to work may have made it a bit worse or not, who knows. Mine didn't just cry when I left the room/turned my back, but when anyone did!
Personally I think you're doing the right thing by reassuring him each time. We didn't need to go as far as co-sleeping because ours would only wake and cry for us a couple of times a night (in addition to usual one or two breast feeds that he was still having at this age). The night time thing didn't last for too long, I think that once he was reassured that we came every time he became secure again that we weren't going away and we're always accessible to him just in the next room. I'd just hang in there, keep reassuring him and eventually when he learns that you won't ever leave him and you'll always be there if he needs you he'll become more secure.
Think the night waking lasted about a month for us but the day time insecurity was a bit longer. It did pass though.

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