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Is My 7mo Developmental Delayed?

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Lm604 Fri 24-Feb-17 01:14:22

Seems like my 7m old baby does very little in comparison to other babies his age.

Here is what he's like:

--stares at toys before touching (but ONLY when he is on his back, SOMETIMES when he is sitting, NEVER during tummy time)
--very quiet and doesn't babble (shouts, "sings", gurgles and blows raspberries ONLY in his crib)
--doesn't feed himself
--makes eye contact
--tracks objects and faces
--smiles a lot with me and husband
--sometimes smiles at new faces (but only women)
--rarely ever laughs
--bears little weight on legs
--sleeps and naps well
--rolls front to back
--easily comforted by being held
--turns to loud noises
--responds to his name
--sits unassisted (still have to put a pillow behind him in case he falls backwards)

He is also very sensitive and does not do well in loud groups. I end up having to hold him the entire time because he cries when I put him down. He is like this regardless of whether he is well rested or not.

Did any one of you have babies like this? How did they grow up to be like?

I hate that I am comparing myself to other babies, but it really sucks seeing and hearing all the other babies do new things while mine seems to lay there and be content sucking his thumb looking out the window.

KW89 Mon 27-Feb-17 23:44:32

Sounds completely fine to me!
DS1 was a very chilled baby, a little babbling, but very few words until around 20 months, he's now 3.5years and reading and writing three and four letter words and short sentences. He didn't walk until almost 15months. He has always been very shy, even though we go out alot, this has improved the last six months since he started preschool.
DS2 sounds very similar, but didn't sit unaided until 9months, and wasn't interested in feeding himself until around a year. He is now 19 months, uses a fork and spoon very well, can say a good number of recognisable words, and would climb Mount Everest if I'd let him 😂 he's always on the go! Oh and he didn't sleep consistently until 14months!
It doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about, they are all so different, try not to compare and just enjoy 😁

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