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Nearly 6 year old tantrums

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NigelsNipple Wed 22-Feb-17 20:27:50

Exactly as the title says. DD who is 5.9 years can have some whopping tantrums over the tiniest little things. Today it was over a balloon. She is prone to screaming, crying and lying down on the floor. Foot stamping may also occur too. Her 3 year old sibling is nowhere near as bad as she is. Her teachers at school have also approached me about this behavior. I try talking to her and explaining that this is not acceptable behaviour and it is not how we get what we want (in fact it usually achieves the opposite), and she does seem to understand at the time, but it goes out the window when she gets upset about something. Please does anyone have any advice? I'm at my wits end. I lost my temper today over the balloon incident after a week of this behavior - everything I had planned to do with her this half term she has ruined with this behaviour and I saw red today and said I was never taking her anywhere again.

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